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Prefab metal buildings, civil constructions, substructure
The main objective of our company is to assure and mentain its reputation on the constructors market by satisfying as well as possible the needs and exigencies of our customers. In this quality domain we are now implementing the integrated system (quality, environment, health and environment security) ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
To make this possible, our company commits it self to respect and to satisfy the demands of the implemented management system by using the quality control service directly subordinated to the general manager.

SC MIDICONS SRL S.C. MIDICONS S.R.L. respects not only the valid legislative and normative requists concerning the quality in constructions: the 10/1995 law regarding the quality in constructions and those regarding the works checking, but also the terms and exigencies specifically stipulated in the conditions of contract and in the project. This is why our company has at its disposal certificated engineers RTE and MLPAT. For the projection, implementation, conservation and development of the quality system, our company trough the General Manager, commits itself to allot the human and material resources necessary for the full application of the stipulations found in the quality system documents.

Our main objectives concerning the quality, the environment health and work security are:
the objective, complete and non-ambigous determination of our customers needs
the implementation, conservation and the efficiency continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System - Quality - Enviroment - Health and work security in accordance with SR EN ISO 9001: 2001, SR EN ISO 14001: 2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2004 norms.
the implementation of new technologies and the usage of advanced equipments and materials; this is why since 2003 our company has acquired only new and high-tech work equipments
the diminuation of the harmful impacts on the enviroment caused by the activities, the products and the company's services, by preventing the enviroment pollution and avoiding the accidental pollution and also by the reasonable usage of the row materials consumption
the instruction, training and continuous perfecting of the staff; Both the perfecting & training expenses will be taken care of by our company
the reduction of the level of accidents risk factors or of the professional illness risk factors at our company's working places
the surveylance of the situation that could lead to accidents or to professional illness.

In order to accomplish the strategical objectives mentioned above, the company's leaders commit themselves to:
achieve the best quality by satisfing the customers expectations stipulated in the contract
respect the legal and settled demands concerning the quality, enviroment, health and work security
assure an integrated politics management concerning the quality, environment, health and work security, along with the other politics of development and running of the company
assure the human, financial and material resources necessary for the implementation, development, conservation and continuous improvement of the adopted Integrated Management System - quality - environment - health and work security
analyse at least once a year the adoped Integrated Management System - quality - environment - health and work security, including also the Politics concerning the quality, environment, health and work security to make sure it's still suitable, adequate and effective
astablish and analyse the general and specific quality, environment, health and work security objectives.

The politics of our company concerning the quality, environment, health and work security is known and promoted by all our staff. It represents a reference point in analyising its performances and it's part of the company's written culture.

In our company every employee is seen as an active element in promoting the Politics concerning the quality, enviroment, health and work security in his activity department. The stipulations of the Integrated Management System documentation - quality - enviroment - health and work security are compulsory for all the staff.

We make sure of the understanding and the implementation of the politics concerning the quality, enviroment, health and work security in all the levels of the company by organising some specific instructions and by displaying this politics in all the departments of the company.

Our company is well - known on Cluj - Napoca's market and especially on the metallic halls builders market (infrastructure, superstructure and finishing) for the quality works performed and also for the very short terms of handing over the completed investments

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