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SC MIDICONS S.R.L. from CLUJ-NAPOCA executes any type of civil and industrial constructions including art works,for wich there is a valid construction authorization. Our company is mainly concerned with infrastructures of industrial constructions, prefab metal buildings (diggings, special foudations, roadbeds, floors, roads and platforms, steel armed plates, utilities and annexe constructions).

The company executes:
complex works of constructions in the civil area (administrative, social-cultural objectives, domestic constructions, urban works)
civil and industrial installation works (sanitary, water and sewing)
technological upgrading installations, repairs and maintenance for constructions and installations
works of motorway constructions, roads and airports

A list of the necessary amount of works or the technical project together with the copy book of assignements and/or of the explicit requierements of the owner of the future investment is requiered in order to make the offer.

SC MIDICONS SRL CLUJ-NAPOCA offers rent servicies to:
Metalic zincked props
Scaffolds or shells covered with or without zink
Backhoeloaders diferent models
Vibrating single drum rollers different models
Dump trucks Volvo 18 mc
Concrete mixer truck 9mc

SC MIDICONS S.R.L. from CLUJ-NAPOCA is a Romanian private capital company, founded in 2001. From its setting up, the company has had a quick climbing, managing to consolidate its position on the construction market from Cluj-Napoca.

Starting with 2003 the company has constantly extended its turnover, keeping it to over 2 billions of euro each year.

The main activity object of SC MIDICONS SRL company is including in the branch of Constructions code 45 in the activities catalogue/nomenclature C.A.E.N.

SC MIDICONS S.R.L. from CLUJ-NAPOCA is mainly concerned with industrial constructions, prefab metal buildings, substructure, utilities and annexe constructions. In the accomplishment of the prefab metal buildings superstructure our company co-operated with local agents of some providers of prefab metal buildings systems of a great European fame like: REMCO-The Netherlands, ASTRON (member in the group LINDAB) - LUXEMBOURG, FRISOMAT-GELGIUM and suppliers from Romania. Our clients are exclusively companies from the private area. In proportion of about 50% are foreign investors (Spain, Netherlands, Austria etc.) and the rest are from Romania: Ambient, Aquilla, Promod, Arabesque, RusExpedition, etc.

Concerning the quality, we are implementing an integrate system (quality, environment, health and work security) ISO9001 ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Our company is famous on Cluj-Napoca market for the quality works performed and the short terms handing of the total ended investments.

[ 07.05.2007 ]

We have launched the Midicons Srl website.

Here you can find information about our company,like pictures and our products.

We hope that our website will be a good oportunaty to present better our products that our company is promoting.
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